UraMermaid Olympic Monofins for ages 3-8 in Black
Olympic Mermaid Monofins for Kids and Teen+ ages by Uramermaid.com UraMermaid Olympic Monofins for Teen+ ages in purple UraMermaid Olympic Monofins for ages 3-8 in Black Super Strong Olympic Monofin in Purple for Teen+ ages by UraMermaid.com

Olympic Monofin by Uramermaid

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The Virtually UnBreakable Monofin

Uramermaid’s Premium Olympic Monofin is suitable for use with over 95% of swimmable mermaid tails on the market!

Our Olympic monofins are designed for every-day and occasional use and are suitable for Children and Teen shoe sizes. Whether worn with or without a mermaid tail skin, the swimmer can propel through water like a dolphin.

The monofin combines a comfortable and flexible soft cover with a fin insert.  It is lightweight and has no messy straps to fuss over. It's a great swimming aid which helps young swimmers master the dolphin kick motion, which helps children to swim effortlessly like a mermaid.

  • The Kids Olympic monofin in black is suitable for aged 3-9 Year old users
  • The Teen+ Olympic monofin in mystic purple is for Ages 10 Years+
  • Features secure, comfortable and quick release foot pockets
  • This flexible covered monofin is very light, durable and less bulky than other fins on the market

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