About Us

Welcome to Uramermaid.com

As the makers of mermaid tails and other beautiful designer swimwear and accessories, we are passionate about the world of Mermaids and life under the waves. Our children's clothing range include fully swimmable mermaid tails and flipper fins and Hair Scrunchies and our lines are expanding all the time. The majority of our products are 'Handmade' and we hope to provide everything you need to fulfil your dream of becoming a mermaid.

Uramermaid was founded in October 2011 and started trading soon after mainly through ebay. Although we still have our ebay shop, you can also buy here from our little online store with the same security and payment methods like Paypal and most major credit/debt cards. A large selection of our range is handmade in the UK and we use fabrics and materials suitable for wearing in the water. Our line of children's clothing also extends to Fancy Dress costumes - with a mermaid theme - for the times when you want to proudly show off your tail for all to see and need to walk freely.

As an account holder, you'll be put on our mailing list and emailed when new fabrics arrive and be first in line to receive special vouchers and news of seasonal promotions. And you can talk with like minded people 'Merfriends' about what it means to you to be a mermaid. If you have something that you think makes your mermaid outfit extra special, why not post a picture or tell us about it in 'Suri's Blog'. We'll put your idea to all our Merfriends and the best idea's will win awards for the Mermaid of the month/year! Alternatively you can find us on Facebook and be part of a community of Mermaids.

We would love to hear from other aquatic enthusiasts from all over the world, so please don’t be shy, share your love and interests with others. And most of all, Live a Life less Ordinary!

My name is Anya, Friend of the Earth, Born out of the Waves.