Our Story

You know you are a Mermaid, now 'Feel' like a Mermaid!

How one small UK family started a Mermaid tail craze that spread across the World!

When I started Uramermaid, it was to help my daughter fulfil a dream she had. She was 8 years old and knew what she wanted to be. We've always taught our children that dreams most definitely do come true and that if being a Mermaid was a dream of hers, then it was a dream of ours. After all, practically everything we use daily, is only here because of people's dreams. Several years on. All of us here at Uramermaid are hoping to inspire others to follow their dreams and passions in life. 
and so the story began... uramermaid logo 

It all started on our annual family holiday in summer of 2009 down in Cornwall, on the southwestern coast of Great Britain. On evening, we were out walking along one of the many beaches in the area when we were treated to a beautiful sun set. It had been a fantastic day and we just weren't ready for it to end. Eventually though, the night was upon us and the sky revealed an extra brightly lit Moon. We had found a really charming sandy cove area of the beach, when my daughter decided to take a stroll down to the water’s edge.  As I watched her standing there, I happened to hear her chanting some words of magic. Something about wanting to be a Mermaid, just like her favourite TV Characters from the Australian TV Series ‘H2O Just Add Water’. By the time we arrived home from our holiday, I had though Of a way to help make her 'Magical Wish' come true!

After a lot of drawing and many many attempts on my the sewing machine, that Christmas, my daughter received her very first Fully Swimmable Holographic Mermaid Tail, made from very colourful and sparkly fabric to reflect the moon. Once my daughter saw my little creative Christmas present for the first time, she was so excited she couldn't put it on fast enough. Sitting on the floor waving her mermaid tail fin up and down, she cried out, "Mummy. I feel like a Mermaid!". And her love of her gift didn't end there. She told all her friends about the magical gift she had received and before I knew it, I was making another mermaid tail. And another. And another. I soon realized my daughter was not the only person who wanted to feel like a Mermaid. 

Based here in the UK, we have been making children’s dreams come true since 2009, with an ever growing range of truly uniquely designed mermaid outfits and matching accessories for children between the ages of 3 and 13 years and Adults. Our Mermaid tales are not mass produced and still hand made in Britain where the mermaid craze began. And we are able to custom make mermaid tails to help get a better fit for the many unique shapes that mermaids are. Whether it is extra short, tall, slim or curvy, you can swim in one of our beautiful fabric mermaid tails by inserting a 'Monofin' inside the tail, (Adult Supervision Required). Our Great Britain Olympic monofins come in 2 sizes. One called 'Kids' for aged 3-9 year olds and the other fin called 'Teen+' for aged 10 Years and right through to Adults!

The moment you put on one of our tails, you'll feel like a Mermaid. Each mermaid tail is handmade from 'Magic and Myth' for an Extra Special Gift!

So if being a mermaid is something you've dreamt about, you're at the right place. Visit www.uramermaid.com or call 01234 307575 (UK) or 0044 1234 307575 (INT) to help make a dream come true for someone you know.

Love and Kisses
Mermaid Lolly x