Mermaid on Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Mermaid Comes Out on Celebrity Big Brother

It's official. There is a Mermaid on this years celebrity Big Brother. I don't mind telling you that I have watched every Big Brother since it started in 2000 on Channel 4. It's not for everyone and it has changed a lot since it began, but it is still the original Reality show as far as I'm concerned and now I have another reason to watch it.

Tonight at around 21:45, Bianca Gascoigne came out as a Mermaid. She loves and admires the beautiful Sirens and really wants to be one. Well Bianca, your'e in very good company (see pics below). We know you are a mermaid, but I guess you don't 'Feel like a Mermaid'.

Well, I don't know about you but I'm going to stay tuned and see how things develop. Hopefully she's packed her Uramermaid outfit to show off her true self!


Vanessa Hudgens

This is an absolutely beautiful mermaid tail Vanessa is wearing. Comes with a heavy price tag to match. Yes we're talking 4 digits.

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Katy Perry

This is my personal favourite. Katy is stunning, The scenery is electric and the detail on this mermaid tail is magical!

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Kim Kardashian

Kim has the perfect figure for this classic hour glass mermaid dress. She also proves that you are still a mermaid when your out of the water.

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Do you know of any celebrities who have revealed their love for the Mermaid?


Suri W