When we started Ura Mermaid (You-Are-A-Mermaid), it was to help my daughter fulfil a dream she had. She was 8 years old and knew what she wanted to be. We've always taught our children that dreams most definitely do come true and that if being a Mermaid was a dream of hers, then it was a dream of ours.
Now, all of us here at Ura Mermaid are hoping to inspire others to follow their dreams and passions in life because if you believe and work hard enough, 
dreams really can come true.

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Mermaid Tails from £34

The Royal Selection

A super sparkly, holographic range of magical mermaid tails for kids. Kate, Markle and their Unicorn named Malibu are a fun range of mermaid tails for this Summer!

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